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Our Competence in Web Development & API

CMS / Back- End / Front-End Symfony PHP Outsourcing

For the development of web projects and applications, our choice is the PHP Symfony Framework, recognized for innovation, stability and security. Depending on the nature of the project, which may range from a simple presentation site or a very complex platform, we provide our customers with the latest web technologies.

  • 10 + web development experience
  • Custom Design Back-End / Front-End
  • Deliver the project on time and within budget

RESTful API Strongloop / NodeJs Development

The Strongloop Framework / NodeJs API is a great solution for API development into a secure environment with a wide range of applicability in various internal and / or external data systems. What makes it different is that it can connect simultaneously to multiple and different databases.

  • Generate Secure Token & Authentication
  • Relationship types such as: ManyToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany, OneToOne
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